Aurifix Philippines – Ear Health Vitamin & Mineral Supplement


– You frequently take medications for the duration of 6 months or longer.
– You have difficulty understanding conversation, ask to repeat what had been said, or raise your voice while talking.
– You regularly feel fullness in your ear, including after respiratory infections.
– You are susceptible to dizziness.


Already today, any of you can order Aurifix to improve hearing, taking advantage of the opportunity to place an application on the official website. But before doing this, we recommend that you read our interview with the renowned otolaryngologist, Professor Villanueva. In this interview, we discussed the use of a dietary supplement to prevent hearing impairment, tinnitus, and deafness. The expert also talked about why he considers these capsules to be a real scientific breakthrough in 2021.

Aurifix – Price, Reviews, How Does it Work?

– Tell the professor why we are losing our hearing?

– There are many reasons that lead to this process. One of the main ones is natural aging of tissue cells and loss of functional abilities. Deafness can often be caused by inflammation or infection. Many people lose hearing due to occupational deformity (for example, if their profession involves constant noise or loud noises).

– Is it true that in old age we all become deaf?

– I can say that with proper prevention, even at 90 years old, you can hear the whispering or singing of birds.

– But how is this possible?

– Modern methods of prevention and treatment of hearing organs are primarily aimed at preventing the dangerous consequences of deafness. Traditional hearing aids are becoming a thing of the past. The main disadvantage of these devices is the fact that they do not eliminate the cause of hearing impairment, but only replace the function of our internal organs of the middle ear. We use Aurifix ear health vitamin and mineral supplement instead. It is an innovative matrix developed from unique plants and ingredients. The effectiveness of this formula is dozens of times greater than most analogues. The capsules have been clinically tested and have been shown to be more than 94% effective.

– How do they work?

Aurifix hearing loss treatment supplement has a complex beneficial effect on the body. First of all, it stimulates the renewal and rejuvenation of tissue cells inside the auricle. The high concentration of vitamins and plant extracts has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, regulates the production of earwax. From the first days, our patients experience an improvement in hearing, elimination of tinnitus symptoms and other discomfort. In general, after a few weeks, hearing is restored and they return to normal life without hearing aids.

– Can I get Aurifix buy in the Philippines today?

– Yes. You can order this product online and receive it by mail within a few days. By the way, Aurifix price is 3-4 times cheaper than the cost of other food additives.