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The Ciagenix to improve sexual performance supplement embodies the latest scientific discoveries and technologies developed by modern medicine for men. A unique combination of selected herbal ingredients and extracts will help restore sexual health. The complex helps to eliminate the causes of erectile dysfunction, and not only to mask the symptoms of this problem. The natural balance of vitamins and microelements restores the functioning of the genitourinary system, has an anti-inflammatory and stimulating effect.

Ciagenix – Price, Reviews, How Does It Work?

Regular use of Ciagenix male enhancement pills for 30 days will improve the quality of your sex life and will eliminate many troubles. This is why you should try this product:

  • Increases sex drive and stamina.
  • Improves the quality and duration of erection.
  • Restores the work of the sex glands.
  • Increases the level of free testosterone.
  • Increases the quality and quantity of sperm secreted.
  • Blocks inflammation and protects against prostate problems.
  • Increases the size of the penis.
  • Increases male libido.

The formula works well with other treatments for erectile dysfunction and is a completely safe and natural dietary supplement. You do not need a doctor’s prescription to take these capsules (although prior consultation is recommended). The product helps to restore the basic levels of the sexual system and avoid troubles in bed. You will be able to have high-quality intercourse more and longer, and your partner will receive maximum satisfaction.

Capsules are not available in pharmacies, but today each of you has the opportunity to order Ciagenix supplement for stamina in bed online, using the seller’s official website.


Excellent product for your money. Copes with the task perfectly. It has no contraindications for use. I am very pleased with the result and would like to order more.

Fully complies with the declared properties. I drank these capsules for 1 month. Sex has become longer and brighter, problems with premature ejaculation have disappeared. I enjoy life again!

Now my wife is asking me for more sex. She says she has never felt as much pleasure as she does now. These capsules are fantastic!

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