G-Force Australia, New Zealand – Advanced Dental Health Formula

POWERFUL Dental Health Formula

– For Yellow, Sensitive Teeth
– For a Fresher Breath
– For Swollen Gums
– For a Great Smile


Why do teeth turn yellow? This is a fairly common problem that over 70% of adults face. Modern scientists cite several main reasons for the appearance of yellow bacterial plaque on the teeth:

  • Genetics. Several genetic factors can influence the color and shade of our teeth.
  • Food and drink. Desserts, wine, sugary drinks, coffee and green tea – this is not a complete list of foods that can cause yellow teeth.
  • Problems with the thyroid gland. Clinical studies show that when the thyroid gland is malfunctioning, tooth enamel can change its color and become more fragile.
  • Disturbed microflora of the oral cavity. If the amount of toxins in the mouth exceeds the permissible level, the natural process of cleaning the surface of the tooth enamel is disrupted. This leads to the appearance of microcracks, which are filled with small food particles and acquire a yellow tint.

G-Force – Price, Reviews, How it Works?

How to whiten teeth at home? Most recently, an innovative scientific discovery was presented – G-Force advanced dental health formula. This is a unique nutritional supplement in the form of capsules that can strengthen tooth enamel, remove yellow plaque and restore the normal state of the oral microflora.

The capsules contain a herbal nutritional matrix filled with antioxidants and vitamins. From the first days of use, the product neutralizes and removes toxins from saliva, improves gum health and reduces inflammation. You can get rid of bad breath and restore your protective barrier against bacteria and infections.

By using G-Force New Zealand gum health you can get additional benefits. The formula is definitely one of the best in its category, has no contraindications for use. If desired, you can combine the use of the product with other dental procedures or methods. The capsules can be used by persons from 18 to 70 years in Australia old without any serious contraindications for use.

The best way like order G-Force supplement for healthy teeth is to place an order on the seller’s website. The goods are delivered within 1-2 weeks (check with the seller for more information).

Now for the good news! If you decide G-Force buy in Australia, we recommend ordering 3 or 6 bottles at once. This is a real opportunity to save your money, because when ordering a full course for 90-180 days, New product delivery will be absolutely free.

Compare G-Force price with the cost of one dental whitening procedure at the dentist and you will see a huge difference. This food supplement is shipping for everyone in New Zealand!