G-Force USA, Canada – Advanced Dental Health Formula

POWERFUL Dental Health Formula

– For Yellow, Sensitive Teeth
– For a Fresher Breath
– For Swollen Gums
– For a Great Smile


Toxins are the main cause of bad breath and toothache. This is evidenced by the latest research by American and Canadian scientists conducted earlier this year. Laboratory analysis has shown that adult saliva contains an increased concentration of toxins and free radicals. This destroys the healthy flora of the oral cavity and leads to serious disorders.

Check yourself! Are you experiencing the following symptoms:

  • Bad breath.
  • Yellow teeth.
  • Bleeding or inflammation of the gums.
  • Dental calculus.
  • Cracks in the tooth enamel.

If you have any of these signs, you need to act immediately. Recently, a unique product has appeared on the market, which has no analogues in terms of efficiency – it is G-Force advanced dental health formula. It is a natural nutritional supplement that can completely eliminate the cause of your dental problems and restore your crystal white smile. One bottle contains 60 vegan capsules designed to disinfect your saliva and restore dental health naturally. The formula neutralizes toxins, strengthens tooth enamel and eliminates bad breath. The capsules provide natural teeth whitening and help get rid of yellow bacterial plaque. Additional beneficial properties of the food supplement are to cleanse the blood and liver from toxins, promote health and improve well-being.

G-Force – Price, Reviews, How it Works?

G-Force gum health is great for home use. You don’t need outside help or a doctor’s prescription. Just 2 capsules a day will be enough to get a good effect. Complete the full course and get a result that will pleasantly surprise you.

7 reasons why you should order G-Force supplement for healthy teeth:

  • Effective teeth whitening at home.
  • Powerful formula based on antioxidants and vitamins.
  • A healthy, radiant smile without painful procedures.
  • Fresh breath.
  • Strong teeth without stones and cracks.
  • Saving 3-4 thousand dollars on dentist services (G-Force price is ten times cheaper).
  • Patented formula, tested on volunteers and in the laboratory.

Where can I find this product? At the moment, the nutritional supplement is not available in pharmacies or regular stores. You can only G-Force buy in USA on the manufacturer’s official website. Use the web form to place your order and wait for the consultant’s call back. Ask all your questions by phone. Check the actual cost at the time of registration of the application. You will receive a quick solution to your problems!

Disclaimer: Information for Canada provided for informational purposes only. We are not responsible for the quality or safety of the product. Before use, be sure to consult with a specialist.