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Due to the high demand for Q-Ion Immune Defense supplement, we began to receive many letters from regular readers asking for some comments regarding this product. Since our journalists are not experts in immunology, we decided to contact Dr. Weinstein from Toronto, who is a licensed specialist in this field of medicine. Below is a short excerpt from the interview.

Q-Ion Immune Defense – Price, Reviews, How Does it Work?

– Doctor, is it true that today 76% of Canadians have low immunity?

– Unfortunately this is the case. I analyzed data from different clinics and I can say that over the past 15 years, the situation with an increase in the incidence of diseases against the background of a weakened immune system is gaining momentum. This is primarily caused by climate change and environmental degradation. At the same time, we began to receive less valuable vitamins and minerals from food. Modern people, especially in Toronto and other major cities, face stress on a daily basis: in traffic, at work, at home. The list is endless.

– We are primarily interested in the question of a new dietary supplement, which is advertised as a scientific breakthrough. You’ve probably seen dozens of order Q-Ion Immune Defense pills offers on the internet. What can you say about this product?

– My colleagues and I are actively using these capsules in our work with our patients. Vitamin formula based on ion explosion technology can literally awaken human immunity and make it less vulnerable to various pathogens, microbes or viruses.

– Does it even work against viruses?

– Of course. Viruses are dangerous because they invisibly enter our body through the mucous membrane. Q-Ion Immune Defense for boosting your immunity powerful blend of ingredients blocks virus replication and accelerates the production of antibodies to suppress it. Thus, the patient recovers faster and minimizes the risk of complications. The complex also shows a good anti-inflammatory effect, helps to improve the functioning of internal organs and processes.

– How safe is it?

– The product does not contain chemicals, GMOs or antibiotics. This is a completely herbal vegan supplement that is safe for most people.

– Why is Q-Ion Immune Defense price so low?

– Most likely because the product contains no expensive ingredients.

– Do you recommend Q-Ion Immune Defense buy in the Canada?

– Yes, especially during the period of exacerbation of seasonal respiratory diseases.